Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Task Manager forcing endtask running process

Here some tips using batch line.

If the virus is running in your computer find the virus name first.
If you found it

type in the command line

taskkill /IM virusname.exe /F the IM and F should be capitalize.

This command will kill or stop the virus from running in your computer.

The next thing you do is to delete all virus but first you must find the path where the virus is located.

If you found it go to the virus path using cd command. For example the virus is in system32

you must type this "cd windows\system32"

then the prompt will be in system32 and it will look like this c:\windows\system32>_

then type attrib -r -h -s virusname.exe

this command will make the virus visible.

so type then erase or del virusname.exe

Thats it...

Sorry for my bad english.. lolz